Ituo Head Strap Mount for XP series

Ituo Head Strap Mount for XP series

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Head strap for Ituo XP series Lights.

Compatible with action camera mounts that use GoPro style mounting tabs.

This is for the runners and hikers out there that want a good, high powered light for after dark.  And with options for battery packs you can choose how much run time you need between charges and never have to worry whether or not you have a lot of lumens when you need it the most. 

Fully adjustable elastic straps so you can use your XP2 or XP3  (XP4 size and weight may not be comfortable for some users but is compatible) as a headlamp.  

Recommend purchase of extension cable with this as battery pack may be uncomfortable to have mounted on the head strap.  Extension cable will allow battery pack to be placed in a backpack or jacket pocket.


*Our Lights are meant to have air flowing over them to keep cool.  Thats how high output is achieved in a small package.  Using the air travelling over them while moving on a bicycle to keep cool.  It is not advised to attempt to use the light at full power while using these head bands except for brief periods.  Lights will go into thermal protection rather quickly and may not maintain enough air flow to cool them back off, especially at a walking pace.  Which will leave you without full output available until such time as the light head is able to cool back down to accepted range.