Only one "discount" per order.  As with a standard coupon code, you can only enter one code.  Code that applies the highest savings will be automatically applied

However some codes are applied to product "collections" like the MTB collection. Where you can purchase 1 or 5 lights and discount will apply to each one.  

In the case you want to order a USB light and a MTB light, the discount amount will be applied to the single item (or matching items) and the unmatched other item will not receive its discount.  However since we offer free shipping, you can place 2 separate orders and receive discounts for both items.

Discount is applied during checkout process automatically and applies to all checkout options.

We do apologize for the limited availability for the use of discounts.  "1 coupon code per order" is the standard and not something we can change.

Shipping Information:

All orders shipped same or next day in most cases (excluding Holidays, weekends, or customized orders)


APO shipping to those in the military is available and covered under domestic shipping.  All discounts apply as if located in the US.

Once the order has been picked up by the shipping company, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for the order beyond that.  Shipping damage, Loss during shipping (or theft by importing country Customs/Postal Service), time to delivery, any taxes, duties or fees you may have to pay to have your order delivered is the responsibility of the customer (you).  All orders are shipped with tracking.  We do our best to ensure safe arrival of your order but once the package is moved for international transport, there are too many variables that we cannot control. 

We do offer "group order" shipping discounts/free shipping for international orders.  Group orders of $500 (for Canada) and $600 for other countries qualify for free shipping.  Contact us for details and coupon code.

Shipping Transit time:

*All time frames are averages.  Many situations can cause delays and times can vary based on location.


-Free Shipping: USPS 2-7 days.

-First Class Parcel: 3-7 days

-Priority Mail: 2-3 days


-USPS First Class International: Times can vary GREATLY, estimated time is 15 days to major cities, more or less is very possible based on your location.

-USPS Priority International: Average is 6-10 business days but time frame is not guaranteed.  Rarely does it exceed that.

- We do apologize for international buyers having such a high shipping cost, but that is what we are charged + cost of the package and label.  Nothing more.  The rates to ship to other countries from the US have become very high.  You can check pricing at


Main questions are answered on specific pages we designate for quick reference to important information.  Below is answer to common questions not covered on those sections.

 Can I use any 18650/26650 batteries or packs because I see a lot of cheap ones around with high capacity?  

-Yes and no, here's why:  Warranty will not cover use of unbranded and/or unprotected cells.  See our "Li-Ion Battery Care" page for more details.  If lights are damaged due to the batteries or the batteries fail due low quality protection/cell quality, none of that is covered under any warranty offered by Ituo or RAKC.  There is some 26650 cells that are not "normal" brands that are still very high quality which you will see on our site in the future.  If we sell the "brand" (doesn't mean you have to buy them from us), then those cells being used do not void the warranty.

Are you able to change parts of my Ituo light for me?

-Depends on change requested.  Changing emitters to a different tint (warmer or cooler light) we can do but will delay your order and their is a fee for the cost of the emitters and the time to change them.  THIS IS NOT CURRENTLY OFFERED.  It is something that is in the planning stages right now.  Emitters are not as easily and cheaply available here in the States with the high bins(output ratings) used in Ituo lights.  When available we will add the option to the product pages

-Optics changes we will do at time of sale if requested.  You must purchase the optics style (beam angle) you want installed and the quantity needed/desired to be used in the light.  There is no "installation fee" if optics are being changed in a light that your ordering at the same time as the optics.  We offer this free service as then we can guarantee the light is correctly sealed during reassembly and all work is covered by warranty.

- We offer full warranty and service support for all Ituo Lights.  SO if the even of crash damage or something of that nature, we can do the repair work for you.  Depending on the repair you may be responsible for parts/labor fee.

 Can I make changes/mods to my Ituo Lights?

-We are not stopping you from doing anything, however except for optics changes (see warranty details for specific details and exclusions) opening and accessing any part of the light not meant to be opened, such as removing covers or emitter pcb to access driver or other electronic components IMMEDIATELY VOIDS THE WARRANTY.  It is required that if any part of the light is not functioning properly to stop use of the product and contact us.

 We get a lot of questions because of Ituo lights being on Amazon, its assumed that we handle this.  We do not.  That is the manufacturer (Ituo) directly.  We handle warranty matters for Amazon sales, nothing more. Lights sold on Amazon are the same minus the extras that we include such a custom or updated optics versions, extra cables and such nor include any of the services we provide beyond simple warranty.  I apologize for the confusion however this was not in our control


I have a question that I cant find an answer for on your site:

-No problem, we're here to help.   Something that seems as simple as an LED light can get rather confusing and in depth.  Answer to that,  I can answer your questions and point you to the correct forums if you want to read things in more detail from multiple points of view.