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 We handle retail sales, service, and warranty all on site. Product support covers Ituo lights purchased from ANY AUTHORIZED DEALER.  See warranty page for detailed list. Includes non-US based dealers, we support all riders/Ituo customers in the US.  So If your in Europe for the summer, purchase an Ituo product while your there, your covered.  If you come from Europe to the US for vacation, we can cover you too!

We also handle wholesale distribution for current and future US Ituo dealers.

At this time we do not have someone to answer phone calls on regular basis so phone contact will be "as needed" but please email us first and if needed we can call you.

Phone: "Coming soon"

For customer support, service, and warranty please contact

For current dealers or information on becoming an authorized US dealer, please contact


RAKC Industries (Ituo)

515 8th Ave

Fulton IL 62152