About us

Welcome to Ituolights.  We are the US based partner for Ituo.  

As for what we are and why we started this:  

Long story short, after doing testing and reviews for Ituo, we formed a partnership.  Here is why:

 We wanted to bridge the gap.  Literally in a sense.  Combine our passion, skills and resources to give everyone the option of Ituo lights.  But with something more.  Full support.  Warranty, service, all of it. Ituo is one of the elite few that goes strictly by end user feedback.  No useless and expensive bells and whistles. Simple,Reliable, latest LED tech and performance to match.

So now We offer full service and support for Ituo products.  Retail, warranty and tech support, as well as US distribution.  All in the "small business" where you arent dealing with a different person each time you contact us, its the same person (or couple of people) every day, every time.  Just the way we like it and the way we hope you will too.