Ituo WIZ XP4 3100 Lumen Mountain Bike Light Neutral White w/6800mah Panasonic 4 cell pack

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Ituo WIZ XP4 3100 Lumen Mountain Bike Light Neutral White w/6800mah Panasonic 4 cell pack

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Ituo WIZ-XP4 3400 Lumen Neutral White Mountain Bike 

Ituo has proven one thing in the past, we care about and listen VERY CLOSELY to what riders want.  The WIZ-XP4 Mountain Bike Light is the culmination of those efforts combined wiht the demand for a monster level light output.  The XP4 is the third of the XP series lights.  Light weight for its class. high performance, high quality, and all at a price point that is affordable.  Every detail of performance, quality, and function is perfectly thought out based on the feedback from riders.

Now meet the XP4.  The "Monster Light"  as we have dubbed it.  This light gives you something that hasn't been seen in an affordable price range yet.  Massive lumens while being fully programmable and light weight. In addition to all the other benefits of our XP series. This is the light that will give you big lumens for those epic descents while having the lower modes that you can program to just what you need for the climbs and the flats. Gives you the highest efficiency of any light in the lower modes for great run times, leaving you with plenty of juice to kick it up to full 3100+ lumens to turn night into day with full neutral white clarity for the ride back down the mountain.

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Ituo WIZ-XP4 Mountain Bike Light Kit Features:

  • 3100 Lumens (3283 lumens actual sphere tested @ 30 seconds) from 4 Cree XM-L2 U3 emitters.  4750-5000k Tint
  • Full Active thermal management program with real time temperature monitoring.  Uses a remotely located temperature sensor to gain real time readings from LED and case temperature.  Means driver responds to temperature changes in real time.  No delays waiting for the driver temperature to match case temperature.
  • Fully water resistant for those wet rides, light rain or flash flood creating down pour, doesn't matter.
  • Removable wired remote and on head button is on top of the light for easy access
  • Gopro Compatible mounting system with QR gopro style bar mount and helmet mounting strap.  Also use your preferred gopro mounts at any time.  Yet also has a QR slide lock so you don't have to pull the thumb screw for quick removal.
  • Deep cut fins to maximize cooling during those hot summer nights
  • Full user programmable driver. 3 Programmable Steady Modes with hidden flash modes
  • 1.8hrs run time if left at full 3100 lumens the entire ride with Ituo 6800mah Battery pack. See Images of Run Time Output Graphs for information on run times based on your packs.

Ituo Wiz-XP4 Led Mountain Bike Light Details:

  • User Programmable Driver:  2-3 Steady modes programmable at 10% intervals. Secondary hidden mode set with with night flash, dash flasher, and warning flash.
  • Removable wired remote system and top mounted button on head
  • Run time (default settings):
    • high= 1.8 hrs 4 cell, 2.8 hrs with 6 cell
    • medium= 3.25 hrs 4 cell
    • low= 7 hrs 4 cell
  • Battery pack:
    • Panasonic NCR18650B 3400mah Cells.  
    • 4 cells, 8.4v, 6800mah capacity
    • Rubber outer shell for water resistance
    • neoprene pouch with over sized velcro strap
  • Utilizes 4 Cree XM-L2 U3 Neutral White Emitters (4700-5000k color temp)
  • Real time active thermal management program
  • Rated at 3100 Lumens output (actual is 3283 lumens tested at 30 seconds, maintains 3100 lumen output for majority of runtime)
  • Battery level Indicator.  Green=100% --> 20%, Red= <20%
  • IPX6 Water Resistance
  • Quick Release Handlebar mount.  Gopro Compatible. Fits 25.8mm to 35mm handlebars. 
  • Gopro Compatible Helmet mount with Velcro Straps
  • Ituo Quick Release slide style latch for Gopro compatible mount adapter (for use with Quick Release handlebar mount or any other Gopro style mount)
  • Weight: 
    • Light Head: 132g
    • QR Handebar Mount: 45g
    • Helmet Mount Weigh: 32g
    • Removable remote: 12g
    • Battery Pack weight:  296g
  • Dimensions: mm (length) x mm (width) x mm (height)
  • Ituo full 2 year warranty
  • Package includes:
    • Ituo WIZ XP4 3100 Lumen Mountain Bike Light Head (with Gopro style mount adapter)
    • Quick Release Gopro Compatible Handlebar mount
    • Gopro Compatible Helmet Mount
    • 6800mah 4x 18650 8.4v Battery Pack
    • Battery Charger
    • User Manual

Instruction Manual:  User Manual

 ***Lithium Battery Warning-  This product uses 18650 Lithium Ion Cells.  Ituo and RAKC Industries are in no way liable for injury or damages caused by improper use, charging or storage of any batteries or battery packs we sell.  Please see our LIthium Battery Care page for proper use, charging, and care of Lithium batteries.